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How much do lessons cost?

How much do lessons cost?

We feel very strongly that it’s important to have an open and clear policy on the costs involved so that parents and students know where they stand before they take up training with us.


Your first lesson is free, after that, we charge £5 per lesson, payable only when you attend. We don’t charge monthly fees or use direct debits or contracts. We also have a family discount scheme that is available when children, parents or grandparents attend lessons together.

Annual licence and insurance

After 4 weeks students are required to take out their annual license with our governing body the Shukokai Karate Association at the cost of £23 per year up to purple belt and then it’s £39 per year from brown belt and above. Students will then receive their Shukokai Karate Association grading book and license which includes person-to-person insurance.


All gradings (belt tests) are done by senior instructors of the Shukokai Karate Association and cost £25 up to purple belt, after that the price goes up to £35. 1st Dan black belt grading costs £70.


Unlike many clubs, we do not force you to purchase any equipment from us, you’re more than welcome to buy your own equipment from other places such as shops or websites and we are more than happy to advise you on the correct items.

If you wish to purchase your uniforms, protective equipment etc. from the club to ensure that you are purchasing the correct item, we do have a price list available upon request. To give you an idea of costs a training uniform (known as a gi) starts from £20

We are committed to making training with us accessible and affordable for everyone